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The Secret Code of Success Review

My name is Joel Dirks. I want to talk about an awesome book I’m reading called The Secret Code of Success by Noah St. John. I’m sure a lot of you might have read or heard about it, but this book is really great.

He’s got some really great concepts on success and why you may not be seeing it as quickly as you want, so I wanted to talk about my favorite concepts so far. He talks about the way our brains work and the difference between why-to’s (benefits of success) and why-not-to’s (costs of success) and what’s stopping most of us from actually succeeding.

The Secret Code of Success Review 2

The Secret Code of Success Review

Picture an iceberg… The small 10% that’s sticking out of the water are the why-to’s. Those are our conscious decisions. The water line is the our line of consciousness and the huge 90% left underwater are our why-not-to’s. Those are the subconscious parts of our mind that we don’t really recognize as holding us back or “keeping one foot on the brake,” as he puts it.

There is a secret to becoming highly successful. The secret is: there is a massive fundamental difference in how to succeed and how to let yourself succeed.

The Secret Code of Success Review 4The people that are telling us how to succeed like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy, are unconscious at letting themselves succeed.

They can’t tell you why because they don’t have the why-not-to’s. It’s just within them.

They can tell you how to succeed, but that isn’t enough for those of us that aren’t wired like that, which most of us aren’t.

Those guys are just going full-bore with their foot on the gas and no brakes hindering them at all. Most of us need to actually recognize what it is that is stopping us.

We already know how-to. We’ve all read plenty of how-to succeed materials, so why aren’t most of us making it happen?

You really need to get this book if you want to understand why you’re still stuck. There are tons of nuggets in here and things that make you realize exactly what you need to do next.

We have to really pay attention to our unconscious behaviors within ourselves. What are those  internal unconscious behaviors and what are the reasons holding us back now?

The Secret Code of Success Review

There’s a reason why millions of people and big corporations are spending billions of dollars on self-help and how-to succeed books, but many people are still stuck.

What you need to do is stop spending your hard-earned money on the how-to’s because if it was as easy as how-to, we’d already have it, right?

The Secret Code of Success Review 1What this book does is gives you direct steps to make your why-to’s outnumber your why-not-to’s.

You can find the confidence, and also learn exactly what you need to look for in your own mind to find that balance between the why-to’s and why-not-to’s.

It is impossible to solve a why-to problem with a how-to solution. That is the main problem with traditional success programs.

There’s nothing wrong with them but if you’re why-not-to’s are more powerful than your why-to’s, the how-to’s will never work; ever… So what you need to do is consciously recognize the why not to’s as being exactly that and quit paying attention to those little things that are holding you back.

“Take your foot off the brake.”

Most of us are not as successful as we want to be. This book this will show you the right tools and the right methods that will help you recognize those why-not-to’s. You will find more success, much faster, which most of us want.  Quit letting your subconscious beliefs hold you back.

This is only my first time through it but I’m sure I’ll read it many more times. I’m just amazed that every page I turn my mind is blown with a whole new enlightening concept. Do yourself, your family, and your business a favor and read this very valuable and life-changing book.

Get your free PDF of The Secret Code of Success Here.


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