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Seattle Mariners 2015 Schedule and Awesome Videos

seattle mariners 2015 scheduleIt’s Opening Day!

Are you ready for some Major League Baseball?


Spring is in the air and it’s time once again for some Seattle Mariners baseball!

It’s time to make another run at the American League pennant and the 2015 World Series!

“Maybe this will be our year!”

Man, If I had a dime for every time I said that…

I am a passionate Seattle Mariners fan and have attended dozens and dozens of games in Safeco Field.

I’ve been to a few ballparks, but Safeco really is something special.

From 2008-2010 I lived in Seattle and worked for Underwater Sports, Inc., a SCUBA dive shop up there.

I had a great routine down all summer long for a few years. If the M’s were in town and I wasn’t going diving after work, I’d head on down to the game… half of the time by myself.

By lunchtime I’d already have my $3-$7 tickets bought online and printed out. BARGAIN, I know… that’s what made it so irresistible.

seattle mariners 2015 schedule-4

Most of the games started at 7:10 pm so I’d get off work by 5, hop on the ‘ol 358 and head downtown to enjoy some great baseball.

In 2008 alone I saw over 40 home games from the seats.

I had way too many great memories to even count but one of the top ones was Ken Griffey Jr.’s return at the home opener on April 14, 2009.

My dad, brother, and I had awesome seats right behind home plate. When he was introduced Safeco straight up erupted! I’d never heard anything like that before. Seattle’s fan’s prayers were answered with that one. Good times…

Anyway… now that it’s that time again, I wanted to share a couple of videos for my fellow Mariners who are ready to get this year started out with some intensity and awesome energy levels!

Seattle Mariners Franchise Highlights


Seattle Mariners 2015 GET HYPED Video


Seattle Mariners 2015 ScheduleSeattle Mariners 2015 Schedule

Seattle Mariners 2015 Schedule and Awesome Videos

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