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How To Increase Productivity using these 5 Social Media Tools

Do you like finding new social media tools that can increase productivity while building your home business?

I sure do.

I love coming across new tools that can enable me to get more stuff done in less time…  and spend more time focusing on income producing activities.

I wanted to show you how to increase productivity by sharing these 5 tools that will help you to lessen your workload when creating and sharing your content, as well as measure and optimize your social media activities.

#1  OnlyWire is an automation tool that is a huge time saver when it comes to disseminating your content. All you do is submit your RSS feed to the site, then it will auto-submit your content (blog posts) directly to all of your social media platforms as soon as you publish it.

You can add up to 50 places that OnlyWire will share your content on. If you’re a content blogger like me, I would suggest setting up any of the social media accounts that you can that are connected to OnlyWire.


Even if you don’t use them yet, you can easily create accounts and put them to good use. This will get your content out there in more places, which gets more eyes on it, right?

Even though you may not think they’re popular or won’t help you, it can be very important to have your posts in as many relevant places you can if you want to increase your organic traffic.

You can also use the monitoring console to see and respond to any comments that are posted on your linked social media accounts. They also provide an analytics console that will let you pay closer attention to your social media engagements in order to increase your productivity.

There is a free version that works fine, but you can also upgrade depending on your specific needs.

#2  SocialBro

If you’re on Twitter and want to increase your followers and your overall Twitter performance you should definitely be using

how to increase productivity-2This is a really cool analytics tool for Twitter that lets you analyze your followers, identify influencers and allow you to find out more about your current followers and to discover new potential followers.

You can also use it to figure out the best times to tweet your specific audience which will help give you maximum engagement and exposure.

#3  Tagboard
how to increase productivity-3

With Tagboard you can search hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Vine.

When you search a specific #hashtag, it shows the content from all of those sources right there in one place.

This makes it very easy to browse posts and show you what’s trending.

You can also create your own Tagboards. If you’re using hashtags related to your brand, products, and marketing strategies, you can compile them all on your Tagboard.

As you feature your content, other users can find you through their use of those hashtags sending them to your content.

How To Increase Productivity with these 5 Social Media Tools

#4  You Doodle is an iPhone/iPad graphics app similar to Windows Paint. I use this app daily. It makes it very convenient to create quality social media posts. I can’t say enough good things about this one.

You can use it to create your own high quality graphics and overlay text on it. You can also import pictures or images from your device and draw on it, or add graphics and text on it.

how_to_increase_productivity-2I find this extremely convenient when posting results and quotes on my social media platforms.

If you have an image of results, this is the app that will easily let you add red arrows, circles, squares or whatever else you want, to highlight those results.

Then you can easily post to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram instantly.

I use it every day to post quotes on Facebook.

Actually, what I do is post it on Instagram, then it automatically gets posted on Facebook and Twitter using my #5 tool, IFTTT.

Here’s my method:  First, I find a cool graphic or picture in Google, or anywhere else, that I can relate to the quote I want to use.

Then I upload it and add the text right on top of it. Sometimes I’ll add a border and maybe even a little graphic too. It just depends on my mood. There are tons of little extras available to use within this app… AND also over a hundred really great fonts that aren’t available in other apps, along with great effects.

Click here to view some of my posts and examples of how I use You Doodle.

It just seems to be a lot quicker and easier than doing it on the computer, although is probably just as cool on a desktop.


I just recently found this very handy tool by chance. IFTTT, or IF This Then That, is not only a lot of fun, but can totally increase your productivity and efficiency with social media above and beyond what you’d expect.

This is how it works: Once you get logged in you will be able to connect “channels” together to carry out specific actions, or “recipes,” that will enable you to save time while building your business.

How To Increase ProductivityThese are only a few examples. There are dozens of channels to activate within IFTTT. They include Facebook, Twitter, LindedIn, Instagram, Youtube, your iOS or Android, your email, and dozens of others. You can connect any two of them to create a recipe.

So IF I post a new link on Facebook, THEN it also automatically tweets it without me having to actually go to Twitter.

I use it mostly for saving time while publishing my social media posts. For instance, I can make a recipe that takes a specific action between Facebook and Twitter. Just to clarify, there can be multiple different actions, or recipes, used between those two channels.

The combinations of channels to connect, and recipes you can use are endless. Check out this short tutorial and go put it to work for you.

IFTTT Easy Tutorial

How To Increase Productivity using these 5 Social Media Tools

So… There you go. These are 5 of the tools that I use to increase productivity and my social media efficiency and I’m sure they can do the same for you.

What tools do you use to increase productivity and help you save time while building your business? Please leave me any suggestions you have in the comments below. Thanks.


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