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How Long Should Your Posts Be On Social Media Platforms?

Do you know how long your posts should be on the various social media platforms in order to reach more people and increase your engagement?

Just like most subjects on the internet, this too has been extensively researched so I just wanted to share with you a general consensus, which funny enough, isn’t so much a consensus in some of them.

How long should a Twitter post be? What about Facebook or Google+? How many words does the perfect blog post have?

How Long Should Your Posts Be On Social Media PlatformsWell, how long is a good length of rope? It just depends on what you need it for, right?

In reality the ‘ideal length’ of any piece of content is going to differ depending on your niche, your target demographic, and the purpose of the post.

That being said, research and data have provided some very useful guidelines for us to follow if we want to get the most out of our content.

Not too little and not too much, right? Well, of course, but what specifically is that for each social media platform?

Alright, I’ll break it down for you based on some very interesting statistics that show what lengths are the most successful in the following platforms.

How Long Should Your Posts Be On Social Media Platforms?


On Twitter the ideal length for a post that will give you the best chances for quality engagement is going to be around 100 characters.

Twitter’s own ‘best practices’ guidelines states that tweets of 100 characters or less get 17% higher engagement than any significantly higher or than that.

That’s a pretty big jump in engagement that’s probably worth paying attention to. If you’d like higher engagement rates then just remember to keep it “Short and Tweet!”

How Long Should Your Posts Be On Social Media-Twitter
Buddy Media has it’s own research team that only somewhat supports this information. Their team found that tweets with 100 characters or longer get the most retweets and engagement. Shorter tweets, not so much.

From these two examples we can definitely see that a nice safe place to play on the Twitter playground is right around 100 characters. Of course this can be different from user to user so be sure to keep that in mind too.

These are guidelines that that are based on the most current statistics put out their by the pros, so I’ll go ahead, use those guidelines on Twitter and see how it works for me.


Facebook users prefer the “get to the point” mentality too, where 40 characters or shorter seem to be around the magic number.

How Long Should Your Posts Be In Social Media Platforms-facebook

Jeff Bullas, social media marketing blogger, strategist and speaker conducted a study on retail brands on Facebook. What he found was that shorter posts, those below 40 characters received 86% higher engagement. This can be supported by many other studies that show similar results.

What you need to keep in mind is that most people are in a hurry… Constantly in a rush. Especially on social media. If your post looks too long, even though it might be packed with great content, chances are it’s just going to get scrolled right on over and not get read at all.


Google+ is another of the big platforms where length of content is important. Your headline should be less than 60 characters.

This doesn’t only maximize the impact, in terms of content, but also the readability and appearance due to the way that Google+ works. If your content is too long then it will be truncated or it will appear on multiple lines.

How Long Should Your Posts Be On Social Media-Google+
That said, there is value to the longer headline seeing as it can be more enticing as click-bait. Just experiment and see what works for you. It can be different for everybody. As with most marketing strategies, what works for you might not work for me and vise versa.

Also remember that your first sentence is what will show up on Google+ so you can definitely use this to your advantage in piquing curiosity.

How Long Should Your Posts Be On Social Media Platforms?

Blog Posts

While it’s not social media, chances are that you’ll be integrating your blog posts into your social media marketing strategy.

So how long should a blog post be?

Chris Record, a super blogging strategist, says that microblogging is a great method to get a lot of content published in a very short amount of time, as long as it’s valuable content and you have a definite purpose.

Microposts can be anywhere from 200-400 words. These are mainly used when you’re sharing a video or another piece of content that you just want to share with others and give your quick review or comments on it. Microblogging works… just in case you weren’t sure, this has been proven time and time again.

If you can consistently put out great content, you’ll consistently see great results.

Most of my posts are 500-1,200 words, give or take. I’ve done some microposts and I also have a few posts around the 2,000 word mark, which I learned from Neil Patel, a very accomplished 29 year old millionaire and an SEO and blogging expert.

How Long Should Your Posts Be On Social Media Platforms-Blog
He says that 2,000 word posts are the optimal length for what he does in his multiple business blogs. And since he gets 700,000 and 800,000 unique visitors a month to his blogs, it might be beneficial that you take his advice, right?! YES!

So, the length of your posts will vary depending on how exactly you’re using your blog and content marketing.

Now you can see how your engagement and traffic can increase by using these guidelines for posting on your various social media platforms.

What lengths of your posts have you had the best results with? I’d love to hear what’s working for everybody else in the comments below.

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