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7 Simple Steps to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you still struggling with your business? Maybe you need to get out of your comfort zone. We’ve all heard that if you want to succeed you need to stretch your personal beliefs and get out of that thing.

Get Out of Your Comfort ZoneNo doubt, it’s easier said than done.

But, if you are stuck in your comfort zone then you will have trouble moving forward and achieving the level of success you want to reach.

What you need to worry about is what happens when you finally do. This is when it can be tricky.

Here’s what you need to know.

#1 Raise Your Standards

You may be doing what you’ve always done. Are you continually reaching easily attainable goals? If you are then you aren’t pushing yourself enough.

You aren’t setting your goals high enough.

You have to do things you don’t feel comfortable with in order to reach the goals you would have thought too high, or unreachable, because they are.

Once you set and reach goals you originally thought were too high you will realize it’s possible. This can be magical. This is when you can continue to set higher and higher goals and keep achieving them.

The old standards you practiced will continue to go up, and you will continue to surpass them… forever. It doesn’t end as long as you just keep pushing yourself further and further outside your comfort zone.

#2 Change Your Lifestyle

Are you still struggling in your business? Still eating the same old breakfast you always have? Same day to day mundane activities? You’re stuck in the same rut you’ve been in for a while?

You’re hoping that those results will just magically happen for you when you’re still going through the same routine you’ve always gone through. Well, they’re not coming.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone-3This is very simple. You know down deep inside that you’re not doing everything you need to be. I totally get it.

It’s a simple self-realization you really need to understand.

Do more… work harder.

Get up earlier or stay up later. Work on your time management and find some tools that can help you get more done in less time.

Use these 5 Tools to give your business a boost.

#3 Give Your Negative Friends the Boot

This can be so important for your continued success. No matter how long you’ve known somebody or how many great memories you share, you need to accept the fact that people change.

Negative or toxic friends will have NO benefit to your future growth and success. Getting out of your comfort zone will mean surrounding yourself with more positive influences and leaving the old negative ones behind.

This is going to be hard at first, but once you see the benefits of it, all the right people will continually come into your life.

7 Simple Steps to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

#4 Be Honest with Yourself and Stop with the Pointless Excuses

Are you the type of person that always has an excuse for why something isn’t working?

You can come up with all the excuses you want to but that little guy inside you knows the real truth. You’re the only one who can overcome the need to make excuses for your minimal results.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone-2

Greatness is waiting for you right outside of your comfort zone.Successful people make the necessary changes to constantly improve their situation and don’t create pointless excuses to justify their shortcomings.

#5 Be Mentally Prepared for Things Not to Go as Planned

No matter what you think or what you’ve been told, things aren’t necessarily going to work out as you have planned. Or maybe not as fast as you had hoped.

Things will go wrong and you just might fail. There’s a good chance you’ll even get to a point where you just feel like giving up. This is how it is outside of your comfort zone. Sure, a lot of crappy stuff can happen out there, but that’s also where all the magic happens!

You’re already out of your comfort zone, so don’t go back. As long as you’re taking consistent action and don’t stop, you will succeed.

#6 Don’t Be Discouraged by Other’s Lack of Understanding

This can be very destructive if you let it. Don’t let the naysayers and Debbie Downers get into your head. We’ve all heard it before. You may get criticized and even attacked.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone-4People just don’t understand why you’re doing what you do.

Most of them are used to being in their own comfort zone of the “traditional” way to do things.

When these types of people are exposed to an alternate path, they will criticize and attack because they just don’t understand.

That’s human nature. All you need to do is ignore their ignorance.

Keep moving forward alone, and once you’ve reached a certain level of success all of those Negative Nancys will start to understand, respect, and even admire you for making it happen for yourself.

#7 Embrace Your Fear

This is the entire point of getting out of your comfort zone.

You should expect to be afraid and feel anxious about what you’re doing. You’ll probably get overwhelmed and even depressed sometimes.

That’s completely normal. Those feelings just mean that you are getting out your comfort zone and heading in the right direction… That’s a good thing.

All you need to do now is work through those feelings and keep moving forward. There’s no turning back. This will enable you to adjust to what will eventually come to you.

The success, income, and freedom you’ve been working towards are just around the corner

7 Simple Steps to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

No matter how uncomfortable it gets, just remember that it’s supposed to be. That lets you know your on the right track.

It’s part of your journey so just suck it up and stick to your plan.

Are you ready to put these ideas to work and get out of your comfort zone?

Take action and prepare yourself for the success that is out there waiting for you.


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