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Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 3 of 3

What’d you think of Parts 1 & 2?

Do you have some other questions that weren’t covered in Parts 1 & 2? That’s alright, because I bet you’ll find them here. This is Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 3 of 3.

If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2, you can find the links to them at the bottom of this post. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you’ll be able to find them there.

How Can Empower Network Afford To Pay Out Such High Commissions?

Empower has a very unique business model. By charging the monthly affiliate fee of $19.95, along with 30% of the affiliate’s product sales, they can cover their administrative fees and add new value and improvements to the core product line.

The remaining 70% of all sales goes to the affiliate commissions! What a great model, huh? Pretty special deal, if you ask me. Everybody wins!

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions

Does Empower Network Have a Good Support System?

The best. There is a full-time staff of dozens of people standing by to answer any questions you might have concerning your business. You can submit a support ticket, make a phone call, use skype and even reach them on live chat.

The community culture and support built by Empower is another advantage you’ll have too. The Empower Network community is AWESOME!

Seriously… all of the leaders that I’ve met personally, including some of the top earners, are very helpful to each member in making sure they have the tools and know how to use them.

There are two live weekly webcasts and a weekly phone call addressing any updates within the company along with special training sessions with the top earners.

There are several Facebook groups that lend support too. Many teams set up their own Facebook groups with special trainings and their own masterminds in addition to the Empower Network groups.

Having a community to lean on, that are more than willing to do whatever they can to help you succeed is one of the most important things you can have working for you in this industry.

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions-6

Empower Network Events

There are also Empower Network Events about every 90 days. The tickets start out at less that $100. My first Event was in Lake Las Vegas in January. It was incredible. Words really can’t describe it but I’ll give it a shot.

It’s basically a 3-day mastermind where you are given a chance to meet the top earners and your team. You can network with thousands of other affiliates within Empower Network doing exactly what you are. I actually made some really good friends down there.

Neil Patel, an SEO and blogging genius (just Google “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”), was the keynote speaker in Vegas. He gave a supercharged value packed presentation filled with, well, SEO and blogging tips. Most of the top earners also share their stories and provide some really great training themselves.

The Events are also great proof to any doubters. Not that my wife was a doubter, but she was a little skeptical, just like I was at first. I took her to Vegas with me to share with her what was going on and she became an instant believer.

Empower Network Events

How Does Empower Network Pay Me?

Empower has it’s own in-house payment processor for affiliate use. The costs are covered by the monthly affiliate fee. Payments are deposited into your eWallet account every Friday for immediate use.

You can set it up to be transferred into your bank account, withdrawn from an ATM machine, or spent with Empower’s own MasterCard debit card.

Will I Need My Own Website?

Sure won’t. As soon as you become an affiliate you have full access to everything you need to get your business up and running. This includes capture, or landing pages, sales pages, sales funnels, and various other resources you will need to build your business.

Will I Need To Set Up Meetings?

Never. Empower Network is an internet marketing company based on the principle of freedom and working from home. We want to be able to make money from home or where we choose, not somewhere we don’t want to be. That’s kind of the point.

You’ll never need to give any 1-on-1 presentations in public places or hold a hotel meeting with a bunch of strangers to explain the business. This is all done online. The whole purpose is to make money by following a simple step by step process using an online marketing system.

Will I Need To Call Strangers On The Phone?

There’s another big fat no. Empower Network’s sales funnels are designed to give your prospects all of the information they will need to make a well-informed and intelligent decision. Most of our top earners haven’t picked up the phone for this in years.

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Meet Me Somewhere So That We Can Talk More About Empower Network?

Not a chance, well, most of the time anyway. All of the information you’re going to need is online and available to you.

This is where letting the system work for you becomes very important.

Are you going to want to drive around meeting strangers to pitch your business opportunity?

Well… me neither. That’s kind of the point and also one of the huge benefits of building your own online business.

You can literally work form anywhere in the world with a laptop and an internet connection. I even work on my iPad and phone sometimes. Explaining the business to anybody personally just isn’t something you’re going to want, or need to do to make this work.

I’m Totally Broke. Can You Help Pay For Me To Get Started and I’ll Pay You Back When I Get Paid?

That’s not EVER going to happen and I’ll tell you why.

This is another mindset issue. What you’re really telling me is that you want me to be more committed to your business than you’re going to be. I’m looking for people that are willing to put whatever effort and capital they need to in order to succeed.

I understand that you may be struggling right now. I was too! Instead of asking for a hand out, what you need to do is realize this simple fact… you don’t have a shortage of money, you have a shortage of ideas.

Let me help you out here. Turn off your TV, unplug from Facebook and the internet, put your games on hold, put your phone down, and pick up a pen and paper.

Brainstorm some ideas that will enable you to come up with some money (it’s really not that much) in the next 24 hours. If you’re serious about ending your struggles and bettering your current situation you CAN make this happen.

I Realize Some People Want a Low Cost Business Opportunity, But What About Someone Who Really Wants To Make The Big Bucks? Can I Earn A Massive Income With Empower Network?

 You definitely can, without a doubt.

Empower Network has three products available for you to market that will bring you great commissions:

  • Top Producer Formula – $500 commission
  • Team Building Formula – $1000 commission
  • Mass Influence Formula – $3000 commission

The top earners at Empower earn over $100,000 per month, and some of them have made as much as $47,000 in ONE SINGLE DAY!

Results are not typical. See Empower Network’s Full Income Disclosure.

Here’s the rub… You need to have purchased these products in order to make the commissions from the sales of them.

BUT… ALL of the top earners own these products and have gone through these trainings many times over. They simply put into action what they have taken away from them, which is HOW they’ve become top earners. See how that works?

Empower Network $3000 Profit During Lunch

Hopefully you found some of the answers you were looking for and have a better idea of how Empower Network operates.

As you can see, this is a real business and anybody can be successful in it.

Have you noticed a general theme to these questions and answers?

They almost all revolve around YOU and you’re willingness to succeed. All the training and tools needed to succeed are provided. Thousands of people are finding massive results with Empower Network and all it really takes is you making the decision to move forward in order to improve your lifestyle.

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If you are interested in starting your blog and your business then click on the banner below and watch the free presentation. The sooner you make the decision to succeed, you will succeed!

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