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Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

How was Part 1?

Do you have other questions that weren’t covered in Part 1? Great! This is Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 of 3. Here are more answers to some of those other questions you still might have about Empower Network.

If you missed Part 1 you can find the link to it at the bottom of this post. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, go on over there and check it out. Part 3 will also be available soon.

How Much Money Does It Cost To Get Started?

The affiliate fee, which enables you to get paid by Empower Network is $19.95. Over 99% of the affiliates that join also purchase one or more of the five available products which enables them to earn a commission from those products.

The lowest level products that you will definitely want to buy if you want to pull in some real money are, Kalatu, their viral blogging system, which is $25 per month and the Inner Circle audios, which are $100 per month.

Empower Network’s CEO, David Wood, and his vision for Kalatu

In my opinion these are essential for you to get yourself to the next level of success you’re wanting out of this. By selling just two of these products yours are paid for and you’re already in profit. Doesn’t sound too tough does it? It really isn’t.

How Much Will I Need To Spend On A Monthly Basis?

Along with the affiliate and product fees, it is recommended you also use an autoresponder for managing your email list.

An autoresponder is essential for keeping your list organized and is regularly used by every internet business owner. I use GetResponse, which costs $1 for the first month, then $15 per month.

As far as marketing and advertising, you can spend whatever you’d like. Whether that’s a lot or a little if up to you. There are many marketing options, fully described in the training modules, that will be able to work for you on any budget.

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 of 3

What If I Can’t Afford It?

Even asking that question is a sign that you may need to think about what you’re really asking. You’re already setting yourself up to fail. This is a mindset issue that can be solved by practicing a little personal development.

It’s simply this… if you’re worried about whether or not you can afford it, you’re already really just expecting to fail. If you weren’t, the cost wouldn’t matter because you’d already be prepping yourself to make a lot of money.

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions

I Don’t Really Have That Much Time. Can I Still Make Money?

This is another mindset issue. You’re only going to be successful starting any business by putting the time and effort into it. That is all up to you, but yes, you can make money.

The question then just becomes, how much time do you want to spend building your business in order to better your life?

Think about the activities you’re spending your time on now. That time is creating your current results and lifestyle. Maybe you should think about changing some of those activities in order to create the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Can I Work Part-Time and Still Make Money?

As in the previous question you can do this part-time and you can make money, but how much all depends on you.

In fact, most people that start their business with Empower Network do just that. They work their “day job” and spend as much time as they can, building their new business before or after work.

There are also a lot of stay at home parents that work on it in between meals and nap times.

Some of the top earners only work on their Empower business a few hours a day and are still earning 5-figure dollar amounts consistently every single month.

My Friend, Laura Parrish,
made over $33,000 in 1 month, as a stay-at-home mom

Why Would I Need Empower Network If I’m Already Building a Home Business?

Empower Network’s training products are extremely valuable when building ANY internet marketing business. There are many people in Empower, including many of the top earners, using Empower’s training products to produce massive results.

If you’re serious about taking your income to the next level, everything is available to enable that to happen, whether Empower is your primary business or not.

Empower Network is a personal development and training company. They provide you will all of the tools, training, and resources you could ever need to build and grow any internet marketing company successfully.

Who is Empower Network for?
Tracey Walker, million dollar earner, explains.

 Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 of 3

How Does The Compensation Plan Work?

This is where it gets exciting. When you become an affiliate of Empower Network you are given your own personalized link that you will use in your marketing plan.

There are many different marketing strategies you will learn about in the training. You can choose the ones that work best for you.

As your prospects click on your link they will enter the awesome marketing funnel I mentioned earlier and watch a free presentation. This is when they will learn about the products and the opportunity provided by Empower Network.

When they get started you earn the commission. For compliance’s sake I figured I’d leave this part of it to the pros so…

View the complete Compensation Plan here

Can You Guarantee That I’ll Make Money?

Uhh… no, of course not.

You may be lazy or incompetent. I don’t know you or your work ethic. You might be some slacker that is looking for a way to get rich quick without putting in any work, which by the way… DOES NOT EXIST!

Or… maybe you’re a know it all or a big talker that says, “Yeah man, just show me exactly how to do it and I’ll do it”. So I’ll show you and as soon as I do you put in half the effort and decide you have a better way.

That won’t work, trust me. Being coachable is a huge factor in your success in this business.

I can tell you who is going to make money though… The person that is coachable and serious about building a business. The same person that can simply follow a system that’s already proven to work. That’s money in the bank right there.

It has created 15 millionaires in only 3 years, with a lot more getting closer every day. It works as it is. David Wood, the founder of Empower Network, has made it a personal goal of his to help create 100 new millionaires each year.

I believe he will and I want to be part of that group, so I’m going to go ahead and listen to what’s been working up to this point and I will find great success with this company. No doubt whatsoever. Are you that person?

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you found some of the answers you were looking for and have a better idea of how Empower Network operates.

As you can see, this is a real business and anybody can be successful in it.

Have you noticed a general theme to these questions and answers?

They almost all revolve around YOU and you’re willingness to succeed.  All the training and tools needed to succeed are provided. Thousands of people are finding massive results with Empower Network and all it really takes is you making the decision to move forward in order to improve your lifestyle.

Read Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 1 Here

If you are interested in starting your blog and your business then click on the banner below and watch the free presentation. The sooner you make the decision to succeed, you will succeed!

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