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Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

Have you heard of Empower Network?

You might have come across it on the internet while searching for a legitimate home business and wanted to give it a closer look.

Maybe you got a random email, clicked on an interesting looking ad, or somebody may have even offered you an opportunity to join and your curious…. What is this thing?

However you were introduced to it, I know you’d love it if you could have one easy place to find out as much as possible about it without having to read dozens of articles in 10 different places to get your answers, right?

OK then, here you go…

In this 3 part series I will answer a lot of those frequently asked questions probably floating around in your head right now.

I frequently get asked questions about it, including…

“What is Empower Network?”
“How much money can I make?”
“Can I work part-time and still make money?”… and a lot more.

So I wanted to write this post for anybody looking for those answers, and more. There are a lot of other questions you might not have even thought of yet so I covered those too.

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions-6

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a 3 year old, $150 million dollar company based in St. Petersburg, Florida, that launched on Halloween in 2011.

They provide world class training in personal development and EVERY aspect of internet marketing. If put into action consistently, this training will enable it’s customers to achieve massive results in any business they may be building online.

The training modules and personal development courses are set up in a very easy to use format that will make it easy for you to avoid a steep learning curve and the usual struggles associated with building a home business.

Can I Really Make Money With Empower Network?

The short answer to this question is… yes, of course you can, but… maybe you won’t. It’s possible for anybody to make money, but that all totally depends on what you put into it.

Empower Network provides a sales funnel that many industry leaders believe is one of the most powerful marketing funnels available in internet marketing today.

It is already proven to be very high-converting and offers high-ticket products with high-percentage commissions. A GREAT combination for any marketer!

So… what exactly does that even mean?

Well, my friend, let me break it down for you…

In order for you to make money and be successful with Empower Network you’re going to need far less sales and marketing experience, technical know-how, time, and capital than you would with most other companies.

You also have the opportunity to make awesome commissions from high-ticket products, including a $500, $1000, and $3000 commission possible from every one of your customers.

The only thing you’re going to have to do is drive traffic… That’s it. Not to mention that Empower Network’s core product, Kalatu, is an awesome traffic generator.

Coincidence?… I think not.

So, as long as you learn how to drive traffic, aka marketing, you can start making money. Empower Network’s training shows you how to do that, along with taking care of everything else.

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Don’t Have Any Experience?

There are a lot of great success stories within Empower Network from people who’ve started right at the beginning with no experience at all. I’m not going to lie, some internet marketing could be an advantage, but it’s not at all necessary.

A lot of stories I’ve heard from the people that are finding success with Empower are incredibly similar. They were at a place where they were struggling and then they joined Empower. They had no choice but to come in and get to work.

The next steps are always the same too. They dug into the personal development courses and training provided, put it into action, and began to get results. That rings true with a lot of people making money, me included.

There are also plenty of other success stories floatin’ around. I mean, not everybody’s struggling, right?

Check out this kid… he definitely has a bright future in marketing.

12 Year Old Makes $12,000 in 4 Months with Empower Network!

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

How Much Money Can I Make?

This is by far one of the frequently asked questions I’ve heard. The answer is simple. You can, and will make as much money as you want to, given the time and effort you’re willing to put into growing your online business.

If you don’t take any action then there’s a pretty good chance you won’t make diddly squat.

Some people join so they can make a couple hundred dollars extra per week and then there are those that are interested in making thousands of dollars per day… Yes, you heard that right… thousands of dollars every DAY, consistently!

One of the top earners in Empower Network, Lawrence Tam, had a $126,000 month last year! That comes out to over $4,ooo a day! That isn’t the only guy making money in Empower either.

Thousands of people are having $1000 days and hundreds are making 5 figure incomes every month consistently, throughout the company which, by the way, has grown to over 250,000 members in only three years and growing strong.

This company is no pipe dream. Regular people all over the world are making life changing money using the resources provided by Empower Network.

Empower Network cannot guarantee that you will make any money because it all depends on your efforts, but it is possible…

How Fast Can I Make Money?

That is completely up to YOU. That’s the cool thing. If you put in the effort, take action and simply follow the system you can make money right away.

We have people that have earned a lot of money in their first month, first week, and even their first day! How fast do you WANT to make money?

PROOF: For just 90 days of work, some of our members receive paychecks like this!

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

Hopefully you found some of the answers you were looking for and have a better idea of how Empower Network operates.

As you can see, this is a real business and anybody can be successful in it.

Have you noticed a general theme to these questions and answers?

They almost all revolve around YOU and you’re willingness to succeed.  All the training and tools needed to succeed are provided. Thousands of people are finding massive results with Empower Network and all it really takes is you making the decision to move forward in order to improve your lifestyle.

This was Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions part 1 of 3 so there will be many other questions answered in my follow up posts. Be sure to Check them out, as well, for more information.

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 of 3

Empower Network Frequently Asked Questions Part 3 of 3

If you are interested in starting your blog and your business then click on the banner below and watch the free presentation. The sooner you make the decision to succeed, you will succeed!

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