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9 Benefits of Building an Online Business

Have you ever thought about building an online business? Maybe you’ve heard that it’s not possible or they’re all scams. There is definitely a stigma that comes along with building an online business. That’s OK. I used to think the same things.

Building an online business and working from home is not for everybody. However, there are those who are wanting to break free from the traditional working environment and start working for themselves from home.

Those people who are seriously wanting to experience a life that is truly theirs need to understand that it IS possible. There are also those that are curious about the realistic possibilities of building an online business.

For those people I wrote these 9 benefits of building an online business.

9 Benefits of Building an Online Business

#1 No Painful Commute

One of the best things about building an online business and working from home is not having to waste even a single minute on the road. At my last job I worked 12 hour days. It also took me an hour to get there and the same to get home. 14 hours of my day were gone… I can never get that time back.

What this came down to was leaving my house at 6:00 am to work from 7 am to 7 pm. Then I’d get back home after 8:00 pm. I have a wonderful wife and 2 little girls that I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with.

It didn’t take me long… only 3 years, to realize that was not the kind of life I wanted for me or my family. With a 6 year old and a brand new baby, I started to research working from home and look for a better way.

#2 Working From Home Actually Means Working From Anywhere

You can run your business no matter where you are.

Everything that you need to do while building an online business such as communicating with your team, checking your emails, updating your social media, and checking your back office for updates can all be done with a computer and internet connection anywhere.

Family SelfieWe travel often, especially to my parent’s house. My kids get to spend a bunch of time with their grandparents as well as various other aunts, uncles, and cousins.

I can still run my business at 100% no matter where from.

#3 Showers and Shaving Optional

Sure I still shower and shave when I need to, but the fact is… I don’t have to. My work hours now benefit me and my family in every way possible.

I get to walk my daughter to school each and every day, and walk her home.

I also get to be there when the baby wakes up from her naps. That’s a really fun time for us. When I do need to work my wife, Katie keeps everything totally under control.

#4 NO Eight Hour Day (unless you choose)

It just doesn’t take as much of your day to get things done. Of course, you can spend all the time you want depending on how fast you want to grow your business, but it is completely possible to build an online business working part time if you choose.

Building an Online Business#5 Choose Who You Work With

This is also a great benefit. No more sketchy co-workers to deal with.

You just don’t need to expose yourself to any negativity at all when it comes to people you’d just rather not infect your space.

As a home business entrepreneur you have this option and it is important in finding people you actually want to work with.

If you’re not “feeling it” when it comes to a prospect then you have the ability to just let ‘em go and not worry about it.

You don’t have to work with anybody or  subject yourself to those you don’t choose to.

#6 No More Asking Permission

It’s nice to simply not have to ask for a day off. I have kids, they get sick. I don’t have to worry about my boss giving me the day off or worrying about the security of my employment by taking these unexpected days off.

I just get to be home and take care of the issue without the added stress of getting permission from somebody to take care of my own business.

#7 Less Stress

building an online business-2All of the above examples can pretty much be summed up to adding unwanted stress.

By not having to juggle the demands of work life and family life along with everything else included, your stress levels are extremely diminished.

#8 Your Income is Only Dependent on Your Own Ambition

This is one of the greatest benefits of building an online business as well. The harder you work, the more money you can make.

There really is no limit to your success since your earning potential is directly proportional to your performance.

You don’t have to wait for that promotion or your yearly cost of living raise. You simply work hard to produce more and you make more money. If you’re a go getter and really want more out of life, this may a great option for you to consider.

#9 Tax Advantages

When you’re building an online business from home you can write off a lot of the tools and marketing expenses you spend. You can also deduct a percentage of your home’s expenses and utilities, such as your internet costs.

In many instances you can actually save more money in taxes than you will spend on building an online business

9 Benefits of Building an Online Business

These are a handful of benefits that have helped me in my decision to build my business from home. If you are at all like me then you can see why many people choose to break free from the traditional working world and build and online business.

With the internet these days it is a lot more realistic to succeed working from home. More now than ever. Are you ready to start working for yourself and living the lifestyle that thousands of people are already benefiting from?

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